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About company

Baltwindows, UAB  is a team of professionals gathered to produce windows, doors and facade structures. The long-term experience of our team allows us to be well-versed in the window production market, as well as provide invaluable knowledge of production processes and optimization.
Using our knowledge and practice, we are determined to work consistently, productively and disciplined. We believe that these qualities are our guarantee of success.
We have done a lot of innovative, standard and complex projects, therefore we understand and try to fulfill the essential wishes of each client:
1. High-quality product
2. Timely order
3. Optimal price
4. Professional communication throughout the production process

Send us your request info@baltwindows.lt

Always call us to ask about the services, terms and prices.

Tel. +370 5 240 77 77 or +370 612 958 59

Email.: info@baltwindows.lt

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