Timber Windows
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Timber Windows

MEDINIAI LANGAI – siekiantiems originalaus stiliaus bei jaukumo

People, who have a distinct style, who value naturalness and want to create a cozy atmosphere often choose wooden windows. Architects and designers often advice to choose wood windows and wood doors too, because of the wide palette of colors, shapes and sizes and the choice of timber. High quality of wood windows will warm and make your house beautiful.

LANGAI, DENGTI ALIUMINIU – trokštantiems įvairovės bei dar paprastesnės priežiūros!


  • Aliuminio dangteliai pasižymi gausia spalvų įvairove;
  • Atsparesni klimato poveikiui nei mediniai ar plastikiniai langai;
  • Paprastesnė priežiūra.


  • Šiek tiek brangesni už langus be aliuminio dangtelių.

Advantages of wooden windows

In comparison to aluminum and plastic windows, the wooden windows provide a better insulation. Out of all materials used in window production, wood has the smallest coefficient of expansion. That makes wooden windows stable and immobile, which allows selecting from a wide variety of designs. Other window materials are sensitive to changes in the temperature and that reduces the protection from outside noise and let’s the warm air out. Since the wood is able to “breath” it helps to keep the humidity level in the building, which creates a sense of comfort. Transparent lacquer and colorful wooden stains allow highlighting the texture and the nature beauty of wood. The wood does not accumulate the electrostatic charge and does not accumulate dust. Wooden windows do not allow to form cold air thresholds and water does not condense.