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Aluminium cladding

Aluminium cladding for wooden windows is getting more and more popular among our customers. By choosing such product completeness, there will be no need to care additionally of its external maintenance in the future. It‘s an optimal choice for those, who have already been decided to cover the windows from inside with a clear coating.

The main benefits of aluminium-cladded windows:

  • Aluminium can be painted with any of RAL colours.
  • The space between the frame and aluminium allows the air to circulate easily.
  • Guaranteed protection from the sun and the rain.
  • There‘s no need for additional care.
  • For the cladding of Euro windows German “Gutman-Cora” aluminium systems are used
    (Donwload Gutman-cora catalog here).
  • For the cladding of Scandinavian windows German “Gutman-Nordwin” aluminium systems are used
    (Download Gutman-Nordwin catalog here).