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Euro 90

Wooden windows Euro 90 are perfectly suitable for the glazing of private houses, when high quality features of warmth and sound insulation are needed. This window profile is also used, when windows of very large constructions are needed to produce. Up to 56 mm triple glazing can be fitted in these windows. The benefits of Euro 92 wooden windows are heat saving, strength, high permeability of light, modern design and acceptable price. If you are looking for warm and inexpensive windows, these wooden windows is an excellent choice. These windows, also like all windows, that are produced in our company, can be made with aluminium cladding from the outside..

•    Thermal conductivity 0.87 W/( m²•K),
•    Triple glazing, 56 mm thickness. The coefficient of heat conductivity equals to U=0,5 W/(m2*K).
•    The total coefficient of heat conductivity, together with 3 glass panels, a warm frame and an innovative selective coating, equals to  U=0.81 W/(m2*K).

About window:

•    Such window (thickness 90 mm) can be installed in “passive houses”.
•    We are using finger-jointed wood girders glued to four layers or not finger-jointed glued wood girders for the products.
•    The windows are painted with high quality “TEKNOS” paints from Finland.
•    Glazed units, that contain 2 or 3 glass panels and are filled with argon gas, are used for the glazing of the products.
•    For the sealing of the product a new German Schlegel gasket is used.

Wooden windows EURO 90. What can you choose?

•    Wood of pine, oak, larch or mahogany.
•    Glued finger-jointed or glued not finger-jointed wood girders.
•    The colours of inside and outside of the windows from RAL or NCS  colours.
•    Siegenia or G-U fittings and hardware.
•    Glazed units – other types and features, than recommended.
•    The colour of aluminium water boards.
•    Handles of another colour, than recommended, also with locks.
•    Accessories of the windows – ventilation systems/window vents.