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Painting of wooden windows

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Wooden windows are painted with “TEKNOS” paints, they are ecological, harmless, adhere well to wood surface and allow the wooden window to “breathe”. They reliably protect from negative atmospheric effects, retain their elastic properties and don‘t crack.

They are elastic and resistant to frequent temperature fluctuations. Preparation of the wood for painting and the painting itself consist of several stages. The first is impregnation, carried out by wiping. The wood, treated in such way, becomes resistant to moisture, rot and pests. When the impregnator dries up, the surface is primed, after that intermediate grinding is performed and finally a paint layer of appropriate thickness is coated with a high pressure equipment. When the paint dries up, a dry and elastic film gets formed. In the process of varnishing, the wood is impregnated, stained twice and varnished twice with a transparent lacquer.

You can choose any colour from all RAL and NCS colours. Clear acrylic varnishes highlight the structure of natural wood and accentuates its natural beauty.

The options of wooden window painting:

  • The inner and outer sides painted with the same colour.
  • The inner and outer sides painted with different colours.
  • The inner side covered with transparent coating, the outer side painted.