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Scandinavian windows

Scandinavian windows

Outwards opening, or Scandinavian type, windows are made according to a durable Scandinavian experience and technologies in production of wooden windows, applying the appropriate profile. Windows of this type open outwards, they perfectly suit for a living house, a farmstead or a summerhouse.

We can find the best solution for every client, according to everyone‘s individual needs and requirements. Scandinavian type wooden windows are the most popular in Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and especially Norway. Local clients often choose this type of production for their farmsteads, bathhouses and even living houses because of exclusive design and comfortable opening of such windows. Scandinavian windows are time- and harsh conditions- tested products, where the reflections of long-term traditions, time-tested technologies and well-established tendencies can be seen.

Technical characteristics of these windows: frame thickness 115 mm, leaf thickness 68 mm or 78 mm.  Glazed unlits are up to 36 mm thick and consist of 2 or 3 glass panels.
The warmest and the most popular is an option of triple glazing, its termal conductivity equals to 0,6 W/(m²•K), for 2 glass unit, termal conductivity equals to 1,1 W/(m²•K).
Scandinavian type windows also can be made with aluminium cladding, it‘s very popular in many districts of Norway, that is characterised by rainy and harsh conditions. The frames of windows are covered with German “Gutman-Nordwin” aluminium fittings, they can be painted with all colours from RAL pallete.

Opening options of Scandinavian windows

Top swing (180°)

Top Swing

Top swing is such a type of opening, when the window is pushed from the buttom up, it can be fully reversed. The outer glass is placed inside the room, so it‘s very comfortable to clean the window. The window can be comfortably opened and closed using a handle in the bottom part of the frame.

Top sliding (90°)

TOP swing 180

Top sliding: this type of opening is very popular, when the windows are easily accessible from the facade side for cleaning purposes, but ventilation of the premises is very actual. This type of opening reassures maximum air supply to the premise. Windows of this type can be equipped with handles or with hooks.

Top hung (180°)

Top Hung

Top hung is a simple window, that can be lifted from the bottom up, and also it can be equipped with handles or with “ancient” hooks.

Side swing (180°)

Side Swing

Side swing is one of the modern opening types, perfectly resolving the problem of windows‘ cleaning. It is popular in many-storied houses. Windows of this type can be installed, where there is no possibility for top swing windows because of exceeded size standards.

Side sliding (90°)

 Side Swing 180_

Į šoną pršliaužiantis 90° arba „Side sliding“- tai dar vienas iš moderniųjų varstymo tipų puikiai išsprendžiantis langų valymo problemą. Itin populiarus daugiaaukščiuose namuose. Šio tipo langai dedami ten kur dėl viršijamų dydžio normų nėra galimybės įdėti perverčiamo lango.

Side hung (180°)

Side Hung

Side hung, or “side opening”, is a traditional window, opening to the side outwards, that can be equipped with handles or with hooks. According to the client‘s needs, it can be braced with galvanized, white or even decorative hinges.


fixed sash

Fix window is a window with a fixed, non-opening leaf or only with a glazed unit in a window frame. These windows can be installed in premises, where there are more than two windows; can be used as shop windows, can be adjusted with neighboring windows or doors.