Wooden windows

WOOD WINDOWS - for those seeking original style and cosiness



ALUMINUM COVERED WINDOWS - for those who want variety and even easier maintenance!



Why are wooden windows better?

Wood is the best decorative material for windows. Wooden windows can be made in a variety of wood types and finishes to suit your preferences. Clear varnishes and coloured wood preservatives help to bring out the texture and natural beauty of the wood, while paints can be used to give the windows the desired shade.


Wooden windows retain heat well and the window frame is pleasant to touch, even when the temperature outside is below zero. The good insulating properties of timber windows justify the use of wood in a context where the cost of thermal energy is constantly rising. Compared to aluminium or plastic windows, wooden windows offer much better thermal insulation. Wooden windows prevent the formation of cold thresholds in the frames and also prevent water condensation.


As a natural raw material, wood exchanges water vapour with air to some extent. This means that wooden windows are able to "breathe". This process helps to maintain the humidity balance in rooms.


Wood has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of all the materials used to make windows. This makes wooden windows static stable, which allows for endless design possibilities in window production. Other window materials suffer from higher temperature changes, which reduces noise protection and thermal resistance.


Wooden windows do not accumulate electrostatic charges or extra dirt, as happens with many man-made materials. Therefore, there is no need to clean wooden windows with anti-static cleaning agents.