Euro 78

Wooden windows Euro 78ideal for glazing private homes where high thermal and acoustic insulation properties are required. The profile of these windows is also used when very large windows are required. They can be fitted with up to 40 mm of triple glazing. "The advantages of Euro 78 timber windows are thermal efficiency, robustness, high light transmission, modern design and affordable price. If you are looking for a warm and affordable window, these timber windows are the perfect choice. Like all of our wooden windows, these windows can be wrought on the outside with an aluminium profile.

Euro 78

About the window:

Wooden windows Euro 78. What can you choose?

Available window shapes and sash styles

Here are some of the window shapes and sash options available to help you design the windows you want for your home. We are also always happy to advise and help you choose the best option for you.